Like I already described on this website, I love to program websites and programs. For programs I use Java. At the moment I work on a software for managing school. Because of different aspects it's not possible for me to finish this project with a good result without any help. Now I decided to try to find a good developer who wants to help me in his free time. It's important to say, that I don't pay for anything, because I don't earn money with what I do. If you are good in programming with Java (also JavaFX) and maybe with web development programming languages, I would be very happy if you write me an e-mail. Maybe we can work together! Thanks!


I am a german developer, filmmaker, photographer and sailor. That is my website and here you can see all my social media accounts, my YouTube videos, my Twitter and Instagram feed and much more. The contents in general have a lot to do with sailing, programming and other technical things, because that are my hobbies. I also like skiing and general photography and filming for example while traveling.