My name is Florian Rachmann and I am known under the nickname PlutoHD. I come from Germany and I am an enthusiastic hobby photographer and video producer. I also program a lot in my free time and generally work with technical things. My biggest hobby is sailing and because of that I travel a lot through Europe and get to know many new places, but often only from the water. On this website I present my photos and videos and tell you about my experiences. I also present my social media accounts here.

Blog about my year abroad in Australia

The topic of this blog is my year abroad in Australia, more precisely in Cairns. The organisation of this big trip started for me already in 2018, but I will fly to Australia in summer 2019. Arrived there I will go to school at Cairns State High School and live in a host family which is unknown to me at that time. I will continue my sailing hobby in Australia if possible, but not as a competitive sport for the time of my stay, so that I can devote myself to new sports. I am very interested in water sports and I am at the right place for that. During my stay I will post posts in this blog as often as possible and if I can, I will add pictures. I will also publish photos on my Instagram account and upload videos from Australia to my YouTube channel if I have enough time.


Amount of photos: 5 - 25 - 50 - 100 - 200 - 500